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Large Scale Artwork

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Large Scale Artwork

Most people are content to create small private pieces of art. While I enjoy that intimacy I prefer to create on a grander scale. Some would say I am an exhibitionist at heart.  Actually, I have found that viewing a nice piece of art can change the way one feels. Okay. So if one wants to create a nice effect on a large number of viewers, then what? Well I could go for creating movies or ads but those have never appealed to me. But a large-scale piece of artwork captures the audience’s attention.

The first 2 large scale pieces of art I remember were both at the downtown Dallas Public Library. One was a sculpture of an open hand with a book, I think. It was probably 10 feet tall. The second and one I remember the most was behind the checkout counter. It was huge. It was an abstract sculpture I’m guessing 12 tall and 40 ft wide. I loved it. I loved the volume it spoke. Here it was in this place of quiet and it had a huge voice. It even had an effect on my father who chose to make it his Halloween costume one year.

I find that there is a luxury of creating large-scale works. By committing to a big piece I am committing time, energy and effort. My intent in working large is to create work that is large enough to be able to be viewed by a passing audience. Because I make the time commitment to working on a scale that is viewable in passing, the audience DOESN’T have to make a time commitment in order to enjoy it. My intent is to create works suitable for airport terminals, building lobbies, very public indoor places.

Not everyone can work on that scale. It takes planning, a thorough knowledge of materials and techniques, plus a tenacity to follow-through. A large piece can easily take 6 months or more to create. If one is doing this purely as a speculative adventure, one must be diligent in finding exhibition opportunities. There is no guarantee that the finished piece will find a home. This takes courage and belief in oneself that the finished product will be worthy of being seen.  Unlike a home builder who takes on a big project, I am on my own for virtually the whole thing.  Maybe there is a lower financial commitment in creating the work, but no less a time and energy commitment.

I create work that makes one feel good. I want to make lots of people feel good. Therefore I create work that is viewable by large audiences. I hope I can be permitted to create a large-scale piece of art that can warm the hearts of those around you.

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