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About Susan

Once there was a little girl who fancied herself an artist. The first picture she remembers drawing was of a very elegant lady all dressed up and wearing pearls. In her eyes the drawing was perfect. Years later she saw the drawing and realized that the eyes of a three year old viewed the world differently than the eyes of an 8 year old.

Her first really independent act, at the age of four, was to dress herself for her preschool annual photo. She had a specific outfit she loved. It was a turquoise corduroy jumper over a white knit top. The extra touch was the red bandana that just set it off. If her mother hadn't been working nights and therefore not available in dressing her, she could have never pulled it off. She was so proud! Her mother was later dismayed.

Years went by. She focused most of her energies at academics knowing she would need to garner a scholarship if she wished to go to college. In high school she met and fell in love with Jon. They got married; had a son. She completed high school attending night classes. She carried her son across the stage with her at graduation- a deliberate slam to her “guidance counselor” who had told she’d have to quit school if she was pregnant.

They later had a second son. She focused her creative energies on rearing the boys and building the business she and her husband had started. Eventually the boys grew up and left home and the business was sold. Finally, it was time for her to get back to that dream if being an artist.

Over the years her sewing skills had developed simply as a life skill. If she wanted new clothes she had to sew them herself as monies earned went to family living expenses. Eventually she became very skilled at working with fabrics.

Knowing only that she was an artist she took classes in clay sculpture—hoping to someday become skilled enough to consider herself a professional. One day she saw a photo of a jacket made as wearable art. It was an ah-ha moment. She realized she already had top notch level skills in fiber and could immediately create at a professional level. Not too long after that she directed her artistic talents on creating art quilts.

While creating art quilts Susan flirts with multiple surface design techniques- image transfer, stenciling, stamping, silk screens, freehand painting, dyeing, beads, etc. Every time someone buys one of her artworks she is very grateful. It allows her to live her dream.

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