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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s with all the circles?

The glib answer is, “They won’t go away.” But it is also the truth. You should have seen the face of a judge who asked me that question. Clearly it wasn’t what he wanted to hear. So after that I thought I’d better take a look at what those darn circles mean to me. So here goes. First of all circles represent a completeness. It is such a universal symbol. So familiar, so comfortable to be around. Because I utilize the bull’s eye block it also creates an homogenization of the colors. I love the way colors blend and communicate — making new colors and beginning whole new resonances. Our world today is full of people blending together. The circles show us how it can be done.

2. Sometimes the circles are prominent and sometimes just barely noticeable. What’s the deal?

I liken my circle quilts to ragtime music. It’s a genre of music that creates a certain expectation level of sound before you hear the first note. Sometimes the ragtime rhythm is the predominant message. Sometimes the melody is overlaying it, allowing just a reminder of the genre. Sometimes it is ragtime in spite of the melody. It is the same with my quilts. My genre is the circles. It is my starting point. Sometimes the circles are prominent — other times they nearly disappear as a background. Sometimes the image is the strongest and the circles sneak into the frame.

3. Do you dye ALL your fabrics?

Most of them. I buy various silks by the bolt from China. It takes three weeks to arrive! I buy my cotton broadcloth by the 100 yd bolt here in the US. Dupioni silk is yarn dyed before it is woven so I just buy it already with color. I am often sucked into the lovely cotton batiks and frequently buy ½ yard segments when I see them. And what about all those yummy metallics? My raccoon blood reaches right out to grab those shiny treasures.

4. How long does it take?

This is THE most frequently asked question. I don’t usually actually count how long it takes. I did however when I did “Night Hawks.” That piece took about 200 hours including dyeing the white fabric. I have gotten somewhat faster as time has gone by. That’s one of the serendipities of working in a series.

5. Do you do commissions?

I’m happy to create custom work for individuals and corporate clients. I prefer to stay within my genre, utilizing my circles. If you don’t like my circles, then you probably aren’t looking to have me create a piece for you anyway.

6. How do you handle commissions/custom work?

Once we have chosen the coloring and an agreement to create the quilt has been reached, I require ½ down. After I have the blocks built, I will show you images of the blocks on the design wall in as many arrangements as necessary. Once agreement has been reached regarding the assembly, I’ll sew the blocks into a top. When I begin the quilting I’ll expect an additional 1/4. When delivered the remaining ¼ will be due. Customer pays all shipping.

7. How many weeks lead time do you need?

From the starting point of making the blocks until the quilting is finished it will usually take about 6 weeks. This allows for decision making and sharing of images via email. Larger works would naturally take a bit longer. But I am a professional who works fulltime at this. That means I get a lot of work done. I understand deadlines and budgets.

8. Are you famous?

Not yet but I expect to be. (hee hee) Now would be a good time to invest in my art. Later on, when I am famous you won’t be able to say, “Who knew?” I did and told you so.

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